New DeMeritt Hall

DeMeritt Hall, home of the physics department since 1914, is scheduled to be rebuilt beginning summer 2007. Learn more about the DeMeritt reconstruction project and the May 5th celebration of the life and times of DeMeritt Hall. Read More.

UNH Physics Student wins Goldwater Scholarship

Michael Antosh, a junior in Physics at UNH, received a Barry M. Goldwater scholarship, out of a field of 1,081 students in mathematics, physics and engineering from universities and colleges throughout the US. Michael has been active in research in the Physics Department in the Medical Physics group of Prof. Bill Hersman.

Another junior in the Physics Department, Ben MacBride, received a Goldwater Honorable Mention.

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UNH Physics Department part of three large Space missions

Solar flare reconnection.

UNH faculty and students are involved in two large NASA projects that were awarded funded this spring. Prof. Eberhard Moebius joins an international collaboration on the Interstellar Boundary Explorer (IBEX) and Prof. Roy Torbert leads the UNH effort for the Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission (MMS). In addition, Prof. Jim Connell leads the High Energy Particle Sensor instrument team for the National Polar-orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite System (NPOESS), funded by the by the tri-agency Integrated Program Office.

The goal of IBEX mission is to learn about the interstellar gas and the interaction of this gas with the heliosphere. Prof. Moebius' group will build and test collimators for the two IBEX large aperture neutral atom cameras, as well as the time-of-flight detector system for the low energy camera. These cameras will create the first large scale maps of the boundary region.

The MMS mission will study reconnection of magnetic fields in hopes of better understanding how magnetic energy is converted into heat when reconnection occurs. This may help uncover the long-standing mystery of solar coronal heating. The mission will have four precisely coordinated satellites, traveling half-way to the moon within 10 km of each other, measuring both electric and magnetic fields. Prof. Torbert's group is responsible for the instruments that will make the electromagnetic field measurements.

NPOESS is the next generation of polar orbiting weather satellites, replacing systems from both NOAA (POES) and the Department of Defense
(DMSP). UNH will provide innovative High Energy Particle Sensors (HEPS) to measure cosmic rays and solar energetic particles related to the space environment and space weather.

Further information can be found in the three front page articles in Fall 2005 issue of Spheres. (pdf file)

Cluster II Missions

Cluster II mission, a cooperative venture between NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA). The Cluster mission will be the first mission to fly four identical spacecraft in a roughly pyramidal configuration with the goal of clearly separating spatial and temporal changes in the measurements. They will enhance our understanding of the Sun-Earth connections and of fundamental processes important at distant astrophysical objects, such as production and transport of energetic radiation.

NPG Aids in Construction of BLAST

The UNH nuclear physics group has participated in the construction of a large acceptance detector for the nearby MIT-Bates accelerator laboratory, the Bates Large Acceptance Spectrometer Toroid (BLAST). The unique feature of BLAST is that its target would be a windowless polarized gas jet, injected internal to the Bates storage ring. With our experience and expertise gained from supplying the CLAS scintillators and the Hall A trigger, we have committed our group to providing the scintillators and trigger for BLAST. See some photos

Jochen Heisenberg Makes Photographs Available

Jochen Heisenberg has made available a number of historic photographs of his father and other physicists. Also, on this page, are links to works about Werner Heisenberg , translated from the original German, by Irene Heisenberg. Some of this was inspired by Michael Frayn's recent Tony award winning Broadway play "Copenhagen."